December 12-13


Houston Sportsplex

12631 South Main St.

Houston, TX 77035



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Adult Flag Football League Payment


Please follow the appropriate link below to pay online.

 Flag Football League Fee: Men's $325.00 --- Referees: $20 per game (11 Games $220)

USSSA Sanction: $25 (One time per year per team) Starting Dec 1st

This will be for all football leagues. 

Each season (6 Weeks) consists of 5 weeks of double-headers; the 6th week is single elimination playoffs which ALL teams participate in. T-Shirts will be given to the playoff champion in each league.

 Deposit Is Required:

 $100 Deposit is required to hold a spot for all leagues. This fee will be applied to your balance.

 League Fees: 


Late Fee:

$25 Late Fee will apply to each week starting in week 3, and continuing each week there after that until fee paid in full. EX: If fees are not paid in full until week 5. You will have a $50 late fee.

2011 Houston Sportsplex Forfeit Policy

 When a team forfeits a game, the team that forfeited is responsible to pay the officials for both teams for that game. If you have pre-paid officials, then your team would be responsible for the additional umpire fee.  If your team forfeits a game, you will be required to put up a $100 forfeit deposit which would be refundable at the end of the season, if you have no other forfeits.

 1 - Football League Deposit To Enter League   Football League Deposit To Enter League   $100.00  Buy Now 
 2 - Football League Fee 6 weeks 11 games   Football League Fee 6 weeks 11 games   $325.00  Buy Now 
 3 - Football League Referee's for 11 games   Football League Referee's for 11 games   $220.00  Buy Now 
4 - Football League Fee and Referee Fees  Football League Fee and Referee Fees  $545.00 Buy Now
     Balance of League Fee $225.00 Buy Now
 Architect / CPA Football League Payment $495.00 Buy Now
 TAAF Sanction Fee $25.00 Buy Now
 1 Prepaid Official $20.00 Buy Now
  Flag-a-Tag Sonic Flag Football Belts $75.00  Buy Now